Female barista smiling after successfully completing tamp.it's barista training online


  • Baristas

  • Espresso in 15min
  • Awe Your Colleagues!
  • Keep Your Boss Happy!
  • Be a Great Barista!
Group of baristas being trained after preparing with tamp.it's barista training online


  • Trainers and Business Owners

  • Stop Repeating Yourself!
  • Get Your Staff Trained!
  • Keep Customers Coming Back
  • Earn More Money!
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Be Active – Learn Faster

Speed up your own learning progress or that of your students. Active studying always wins over passive studying, and all tamp.it courses are extremely interactive. You have not seen this level of interactivity in online barista courses before- guaranteed!

Passive Learning (Text, Audio, Visual)
Maximum Retention: 1-30%
Active Learning with Tamp.it
Retention 75% and more

Interactive Espresso Lab

The interactive espresso lab is an integral part of tamp.it courseware. It allows you to retain knowledge much more efficiently it brings online barista training to a whole new level.

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